Bet365 Reviews

I have used Bet365 for several years and I have been really happy about it. Today, however, I had trouble getting repaid a freebet , but two minutes after I had contacted the customer service , the problem was solved.

Furthermore, there is really huge range of betting and more bargains , including the free bet . So all in all, I can only say that I have been extremely pleased with Bet365.

April 19th 2015 : Paul, Chepstow

I have now spent time betting with Bet365 since last Wednesday and has just experienced the positive side of betting. Winning bets have been credited almost immediately and the customer service is objective ( as it should be ) but good and accurate! The folks who have given Bet365 a bad name , it must either be very impatient or compulsive gamblers , if it's not the same thing!

April 1st 2015 : Mike, Essex

One of the better betting site. Their odds are higher than the special games and their live betting is high end. I've never had problems with either payment or with altered odds.

Their support is top-notch and they are quite quick on live support. The reason I do not give absolutely the highest level is that there should always be room for improvement , but I've only had good experiences with Bet365 , except when I become overconfident and lose money!

February 21st 2015 : Luke, Glasgow